6-Week Intro to the FASTer Way

The FASTer Way to Fat Loss® is the nation’s premier digital fitness and nutrition program. Burn fat, prevent disease, and create a healthy lifestyle with our science-backed strategies and expert coaching, conveniently accessed through our exclusive app. You’ve never tried anything quite like this.

Faster Way to Fat Loss App

Reach Your Goals FASTer

If you’ve attempted all the things and are stuck spinning your wheels in the murk of discomfort and frustration, your days of dieting and doubt are over. Now you can burn fat naturally while enhancing your health - without all the stress, restriction, and confusion.

Faster Way to Fat Loss Trainer
  • Burn fat naturally
  • Restructure your metabolic system
  • Improve your hormone levels
  • Maintain optimal energy levels
  • Build strength and stamina
  • Help prevent disease

Have It All In One Program

We’ll help you take the frustration out of getting healthy and reaching your goals. With the FASTer Way, you’ll learn how to establish simple daily habits that will burn fat, improve your health, and make you feel like YOU again.

Faster Way to Fat Loss Meal Guide

Weekly Meal Guide

Regular and Vegan meal guide options are available each week with ingredient lists, recipes, and intermittent fasting schedule to help you reach your goals FASTer.

Faster Way to Fat Loss 30 minute workouts

Daily 30 Minute Workouts

Low impact, at-home, and gym options available each day.  1-on-1 coaching tailored to your goals and needs through our exclusive App available for iOS, Android, and Web.

Faster Way to Fat Loss Community and Support

Community & Support

A certified coach dedicated to your goals and an uplifting, like-minded community for daily encouragement and motivation. You’ll never be alone in your journey to become the healthiest you.

Over 252,000 clients have transformed their health with the FASTer Way.

Rosanna Before and After

“It’s honestly been the easiest thing I’ve ever tried and the results don’t even come close to comparing. I eat all the food, workout 30 minutes a day a few times a week, and feel better than I ever have.”

Rose Before and After

“I’m at least a size smaller. My skin is clearer. I have less joint pain and my blood glucose is getting closer to normal limits. I am not hungry and I’m eating real foods that include carbs!”

Faster Way to Fat Loss Free Meal Guide

Burn Fat with
Every Bite

There’s no denying that nutrition is the number 1 key to achieving fat loss, but what actually works? By now you’ve probably tried every diet under the sun hoping to finally see results – and maintain them.

We’ve cracked the code on how to create a plate that burns fat, boosts energy, and balances hormones. You can get a taste with our FREE 5-day sample meal guide.

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Let Us
Help You

In our holistic and comprehensive program, you’ll be empowered to burn fat, balance your hormones, develop strength, and increase your energy like never before. Ready to ditch the diets for good and bust through that plateau? See what 6 weeks of our program will do for you.

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Founder & CEO
Founder & CEO
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